How to Pick The Right Candidate Tailoring the Position?

After scanning hundreds of resumes and taking an interview one-in-one with all the candidates, selecting the one that matches the position is the next step. However, you can’t judge them based on a paper or in a short talk, there are more aspects you can consider to have a closer look at the candidates. So, how to pick the right candidate for your organization?

1. Look at their attitude and cultural fit

Working ability is good, but the attitude and cultural fit are much more essential. Behavior in the workplace can cause a big impact on the result. Sometimes, hiring an expert in the field can’t improve the working productivity because the team is working uncooperative.

Make sure the newbie can easily get along with managers and colleagues. You can ask questions about how the candidate handles heavy workloads, human conflict or working karma. Are they the ones who are able to adapt when switching to a new environment? What if they do in case of misunderstanding?

2. Read their body language

Have you ever heard about: “Actions speak louder than words”?

Everything ranging from outfit to hairstyle, accessories, any small signal can tell who they are. So, during the interview, keep an eye on their handshakes, arm movements, gestures, and eye contact. These actions can bring you insight about the candidates.

For example: if a candidate suddenly starts tapping a fingertip on the table. Perhaps they are hustling or they feel the interview is taking too long. Or maybe they’re answering uncomfortable questions. If they touch their face frequently, they might say something lie or untrustworthy.

how to pick the right candidate

3. Ask them to solve a problem

Give them a problem and ask them to solve it shortly. This idea isn’t just about seeing their end result but a good way to determine how they perform, develop processes and discover solutions. As a result, you can figure out their skills based on the ways they fix the problem, and their attitude when facing a tough issue.

How long does it take to resolve that problem? Do they answer it in the right way? Is the answer the same as the other candidates’?

4. Take them out of the “office zone”

The candidate may take pains to be on their best behavior in the interview. This way, you can get an accurate reflection of who you’ll be working with day-to-day. So, invite them to go outside to see how the candidate acts in a less formal setting and compare that person to the one you interviewed. Ask them to go to a place that is really similar to your company culture to see how your candidate will fit in.

Does the candidate act the same in the formal talk? How do they interact with the waiting staff? Are they interested in learning about others or just talking about themselves?

5. Think about the question they asked

The concerns that they have may show their attitude to the job. Look for people that query about relevant issues and seem to have done deep research about the corporate beforehand.

Thus, you can indicate their level of interest, how they identify the problem as well as the way they process information. You can answer the question: Are they serious about the job or do they just randomly apply for the CV unintentionally?

You should have a “reference team” who is involved in the hiring decision. Involve the whole team and managers in that department in all phases of the screening and selection process. References provide a unique perspective on the candidate’s performance from a customer’s point of view. Individuals with clear knowledge of the job are often better equipped to evaluate how candidates will actually fare in the position.

How can HR4C help?

You might waste a lot of time and resources on filtering the CV and organizing an interview. However, the last candidate that remained is unsatisfied. Let us help you how to pick the right one!

With a complete hiring process, HR4C will take responsibility for the major parts of talent hunting. After a precise process, we ensure to bring you the most appropriate candidates.

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