How to erase human behavior conflict in an organization?

Human conflict is a common issue in any organization. To build a positive working environment as well as improve productivity, the HR manager and all the team members should learn to eliminate human conflict. Before finding out the solutions, let’s see what the main reasons of human behavior conflict are.

What causes human behavior conflict?

Conflicts in organizations cannot be completely eliminated. There are so many differences between people who work together that despite the common goal they have, despite the fact that they work together for the benefit of an organization, know their obligations and duties there are situations that cause people to change their attitude and behavior in an explicit way.

The reasons for disagreement might be affected by personality. As a result, the causes are diverse as well:

1. Poor communication among team members

It seems that poor communication is one of the main reasons for conflict among employees in the workplace. Falling in communication not only causes conflict but decreases productivity and employee attitude

2. Toxic working environment

Working vibes greatly affects their productivity. A healthy workplace must exist in the way you enjoy the tasks and how people treat each other. 

3. Different in personality

Different backgrounds and experiences form each person a different personality. When employees fail to understand or accept the diversity in each other’s personalities, problems occur in the workplace. 

4. Lack of emotional control

Conflict can happen regularly in the workplace. Thus, the employee should know how to control their emotional expression. Or else, the consequence can be tough to resolve.

5. Increase in workload

Stress can be another reason for out of control actions. Once the employees feel their workload is unmanageable, it will be easier for them to get angry.

human behavior conflict

How to erase human behavior conflict in an organization?

There are many positive dimensions of solving a problem. Keeping the discussion under control allows us to see the differences between employees. If their attitudes, opinions and anxieties are expressed openly, it’s easier for other people to understand and overcome the problems. 

1. Build a healthy working environment

It includes both tangible and intangible elements. For example, you can form the greeting culture to improve the working vibes. Or get inspiration quotes and design for staff to relax whenever they get down.

2. Set Realistic goals

Another way to avoid conflicts is to arrange one’s goals realistically and in order of priority. If this is done, the repeat of conflict can be dropped to the minimum.

3. Face the conflict situation

Some people tend to ignore the problem until it becomes out of control. However, this is not a good way to deal with misunderstandings. Instead, all the people involved should stay down, express all their thinking and talk about until it completely solved

4. Control the emotion

Last but not least, learning to control emotional expression is essential soft skills for any employee. Each person might have different ways to deal with anger, so you can consider the tips below:

Human behaviour conflict

– Don’t react right away

When you’re angry, any actions you take can make you regret them right away. So, taking a deep breath and stabilizing the overwhelming impulse is what you should follow.

– Know when & how to express yourself

You can keep your anger forever, that’s why you should learn to express it without harming any relationship. When you’re angry, all you need is someone who is able to listen and support you. Find and share with your best friends in the office to express your feelings. Negative emotions will slowly dissipate as you release them from your mind by speaking.

– Take a deep breath

As the body’s natural response to anger, an increase in the amount of adrenaline in the body causes the heart to beat. To rebalance, close your eyes, inhale and exhale about 5-10 times. The anger may not go away immediately, but it can help you pause for a moment to think and not utter a sentence that you regret.

– Give yourself some space

Getting away from an intense situation and refreshing yourself is recommended. Perhaps that is why many companies even equip an entertainment room inside the office for employees to relieve stress immediately.

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