Our Solutions

We provide executive search
and recruitment solutions to multinational and local organizations across all industries.​



Contingency Search

We offer high-quality recruitment services on a contingency basis to many of our clients. It means that any recruitment fee would only be due after a successful hire. We will consult on the hiring process, including but not limited to:

• Candidate profiling

• Job description content

• Interview process
• Candidate offer management
• Resignation process

Retained Search

Work with us exclusively and pay an upfront fee. Your vacancies will become our priority assignment. This is a successful approach for niche, sensitive or difficult to fill positions.


Market mapping incorporates, in a confidential manner, a well-defined methodology to build an in-depth market intelligence analysis of existing talent pool which will help you to make better business decisions, when talent availability is in doubt. It is the process of collecting market intelligence and competitor analysis catered to requirements by confidentially assessing prospective candidates from a distance without interviewing them or conducting a full search. Through market mapping, you can:

• Have access to insightful information of the prospective talent you will need which makes expansion strategies more visible
• Understand your competitors’ hiring trends which helps to forecast your next move wisely, be it talent or business management

At HR4C, we leverage our large global network and provide market mapping services from a regional scope, allow you and your management team to get the bigger perspective.


HR4C’s Salary Data Analysis uses a similar methodology to our Market Mapping service but is fully focused on analyzing and obtaining accurate salary data information from your specific market segment. This is a precise tool that extracts information directly from the source, provides immediate added value for you when it comes to salary benchmarking.

• Obtain first-hand salary data from surveying candidates directly. Hence you will receive the most accurate and targeted salary data rather than just another industry average
• Matching candidates to generic job grades made easy. Our salary data analysis report can be customized to help you outlying niche talent segment for closer examination