Our Culture

Here at HR4C we try to keep things simple, in that we judge people on results. We offer a mature, fun flexible environment where you can work alongside motivated and passionate people from all over the world.


Teamwork is key to us. Thus, we seek for people who enjoy working as part of a team. We know that if we utilize all the resources at our disposal and work together, we can be able to achieve our number one goal which is to become the top-of-mind headhunter in the market.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Staying true to HR4C’s mandate of “work hard, play harder”, we have regular events and activities to promote teamwork. We introduce cultural incentives to strengthen our team spirit as well as create a really fun place to work where we are all motivated to achieve success and don’t mind celebrating it!

We believe in working together as one while we practice our values of Integrity, Kaizen, Respect, Accountability, Teamwork, Boldness, and Fun.

Kaizen Culture

Kaizen, translating to “change for the better”, is a long-term strategy that calls for constant efforts from all employees to improve efficiency and quality through small, incremental changes in processes. At HR4C, Kaizen is one of our key values which we practice every day as a company to continuously look for ways to improve our systems, processes, internal training and development, and client services.


One of our management philosophies is respect for all individuals. We highly value differences and know that when people from different backgrounds, with different points of view, work together, we can bring extraordinary values to our clients, partners, and society. Hence, it is important for us to first enable our employees to reach their full potential regardless of gender.